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AV Group offers its clients world-class professional mining solutions.

Open-Pit Mining Services


Comprehensive outsourcing of open-pit mining operations offered by AV Group includes: designing and modeling, drilling, charging, blasting, excavation and transportation of rock mass as well as all supporting processes. In terms of quality, we hold ourselves to the highest possible standard when performing operations during each mining stage making sure that we satisfy the high safety standards and employ the most advanced technologies.

Underground Mining Services


AV Group performs an entire scope of underground mining operations for its clients: designing, drilling, charging, blasting, removing and transporting rock mass, anchoring, and installing utilities. Using the best practices and modern equipment of global manufacturers, the company experts optimize each stage of primary and secondary mine development operations improving the efficiency of the process.

Benefits of the AV Group Comprehensive

Reliable Results

AV Group performs an entire scope of open-pit and underground mining operations, manufactures explosives and initiating devices. All this allows the company to control the quality of the results during each stage and select optimal parameters in order to achieve the client’s objectives.

Deep Mine Inspection

Since 2002, AV Group has launched over 150 projects offering comprehensive service of drilling-and-blasting and mining operations in all the regions that specialize in mining operations. The company has amassed working experience with all the major minerals under different geographic, mining-and-geological and weather conditions.

Best Industry Solutions

AV Group is the industry’s leading innovator in the field of drilling-and-blasting and mining operations. A specialized team of top-tier engineers implements cutting-edge technologies, including 3D design, high-precision GPS, dilution reducing technologies, underground surveys, high-speed video recording, unmanned aerial vehicles, telemetry systems to name but a few.

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AV Group never stops perfecting mining techniques and constantly implements cutting-edge technologies.

More details

Design and Modeling of Mining Operations

  • Using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to create 3-D models.

    Custom-made software for mine planning

    Forecasting work results: pile, granulometric composition, seismic action parameters, etc.

Automated Monitoring System for Mining Equipment

  • Mining equipment dispatching and telemetry

    High-precision positioning system for drilling equipment and mix-pump trucks

    Technologies that calculate drilling power consumption

Technologies for Decreasing Losses and Reducing Dilution

  • RC drilling

    Specialized ore body displacement determination complex that makes it possible to determine ore position after a blast: AV radio markers, 3D-modeling software

Innovative Blasting

  • Special delay systems and borehole charge structures

    Electronic Initiation Systems

Surveying Support of Drilling and Blasting and Mining Operations

  • Modern electronic tacheometers

    Geodetic receivers

    Mapping drones

Performance Analysis

  • High-speed video recording

    Detonation velocity measurement

    Analysis of granulometric composition of blasted rock mass

    Control of rock extraction ratio

    Calculation of seismic action and air blast load

Equipment Used

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