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Drilling & Blasting
Drilling & Blasting is carried out under various mining/geological and climatic conditions, in stone quarries, ore deposits, and coal mining companies.
Each deposit solves a set of various engineering problems. The most important of them are as follows: ensuring the percentage of pieces of different sizes in the blown rock mass and the minimum dilution of the mineral in compliance with the industrial and environmental safety requirements.
When designing blast hole drilling, to choose the optimal and economically feasible option of blast hole drilling parameters, a set of equipment and software is used that allows using a 3D model of the ledge and drilled wells and predicting the results of massive blasts as follows:
  • Particle size distribution
  • Parameters of blasted rock mass disintegration
  • Seismic action of a massive blast (ground displacement speed at the base of protected facilities)
  • Action of the air blast, etc.
AV Group is one of the world leaders in the integrated servicing and performing blast hole drilling as well as in the manufacture of explosives.
Coal mining
Open works
When carrying out open pit mining on deposits of nonmetallic minerals, AV Group provides the optimal percentage of pieces of various sizes in the blasted rock mass and the parameters of its collapse. This approach allows increasing the level of minerals extraction as well as the productivity of the mining equipment along the entire technological chain from excavation and up to transportation and crushing.
Open works

The advanced technological solutions of AV Group in coal fields guarantee the necessary quality of rock mass crushing, which is optimal for the excavating and transport equipment used by the Customer.

The parameters of separating and crushing of the obtained rock mass make it possible to substantially increase the productivity of the equipment used at each stage of the production process.

Open works

When conducting open pit mining at ore deposits, AV Group applies integrated solutions that reduce the loss of minerals and minimize their dilution.

The quality of crushing ore and overburden as well as the parameters of rock mass disintegration when using AV Group Group technologies allow increasing the productivity of the mining equipment, extending its service life, and increasing the efficiency of all technological processes.

Covered works

AV Group provides a comprehensive service of underground mining operations by carrying out main development works, performing blast hole drilling during drilling, and blast hole drilling in the production process. AV Group's technological solutions are based on comprehensive analysis of the mining, geological, and physical & mechanical properties of the rocks composing the rock ore.

The optimally adequate characteristics of the explosives, the design of the borehole charge, and the special means for its formation and charge are selected in accordance with the specific features of the object. The integrated solutions of AV Group guarantee the safety of the blasting operations, thus increasing the efficiency of the technological processes and сreducing the overall OPEX of the Customer.