Services & Products
Full-scope drill & blast services

We provide Drill & Blast services in diverse geological and climatic conditions, at stone quarries, ore deposits and coal pits and mines. 

Our specialists elaborate a great variety of engineering aspects for each deposit. Amongst the most important are ensuring optimal fragmentation and minimizing ore dilution subject to industrial and environmental safety requirements.
Aiming at maximal efficiency and economic feasibility while designing our drill and blast projects we have introduced a set of equipment and software capable of making 3D- modelling for blast design and forecasting mass explosion results. These include:
  • Size distribution
  • Muckpile parameters of blasted rock
  • Seismic effects of mass explosion (soil displacement rate at the guarded facilities base)
  • Airwave pressure and others  
AV Group is one of the world leaders in the integrated servicing and performing blast hole drilling as well as in the manufacture of explosives.
Coal mining
Open-pit mining

AV Group guarantees optimal fragmentation and muckpile parameters at open-pit mines. This approach enables higher extraction rate and better mining equipment performance level throughout the whole mining process from excavation to transportation and crushing.

Open-pit mining

AV Group's best-in-class technological solutions applied for coal deposits guarantee the necessary quality of fragmentation, which is optimal for the excavating and transport equipment used by the Customer.

Open-pit mining

AV Group applies comprehensive solutions aimed at decreasing ore loss and dilution.

Our technologies enable us to achieve superior quality of ore and reach optimal muckpile parameters. These result in the higher performance and longer operation life of the mining equipment and greater efficiency of all technological processes.

Undergroung mining

AV Group provides full-scope underground mining services that include capital mining, drilling and blasting, shaft sinking and underground mining. AV Group's technological solutions are based on comprehensive analysis of geological and physical-mechanical rock parameters.

We adjust explosives characteristics, blasthole design and apply professional tools for blasthole charging to best fit the given mining conditions. AV-Group’s full-scope drilling and blasting solutions ensure blasting safety, improving technological processes efficiency and decreasing total mining costs.